Symone Cantey       

   Program Director

   Kim Cantey Davis 


   Program Director

     Evelyn Zachary

       Asst. Director


   Kim Cantey Davis


The Don't Be A Bully Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2010 after Kim Cantey Davis experienced bullying first-hand. Her daughter was being bullied at school at a young age which spearheaded her passion to collaborate with her daughter to create change. After receiving confirmation from God Kim wrote a play that would change the way children learn about bullying, "Don't Be A Bully, Speak Up! Speak Out!" With Symone's education and work experience as a Behavioral Youth Counselor and Kim's invaluable perspective as a mother of a bullying victim, they work together to inspire and transform the lives of youth through bullying and youth violence prevention educational programs. Kim and Symone's passion for both performing arts and for youth advocacy push them to educate and motivate our community to recognize the warning signs of bullying and other threatening behaviors through stage productions, youth workshops, seminars, and dialogue discussions. Their efforts have received national recognition from HLN as they have traveled to reach youth across the nation. In addition to her work with the Don't Be A Bully Foundation, Symone continues to advocate for the silenced through her Masters of Clinical Social Work program at the University of Georgia. She has helped launch a college summer camp for foster youth at Kennesaw State University, contribute research regarding the over representation of students of color in special education, and plans to open her own private practice that incorporate the benefits of fine arts to one’s mental health. Kim gives credit to her husband, Terry Davis, of 17 years for supporting her vision and helping her and Symone advocate in the community while creating bully-free environments for children, families, and communities through their PLEDGE DBAB initiatives and programs!


Kim is also a Philanthropist, Artists, Speaker and a Breast Cancer Survivor. Although Kim has a passion in performing arts, working with youth and educating her community about bullying, she also have a mission to help restore self-esteem and self-confidence of women whose inner spirit has been affected during their battle against cancer. Through her journey of breast cancer in 2017, Kim also founded Rocking My Glory, LLC.   More about her cancer journey can be found at  

Kim and her husband are also the business owners of an event management company on Lake Lanier Islands.





Breast Cancer Survivor 2018