Symone Gerren   

     Program Director

   Kim Cantey Davis 


   Program Director

  Evelyn Zachary

Asst. Stage Director


   Terry L. Davis 


   Program Director

Michelle Bennet

               Community Outreach Partner

            Atlanta- Fulton Library (10 years)

Africa Brown

                     Public Relations

          Marketing Director Volunteer

Kim C. Boyd

               DBAB Board Member

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   Kim  Cantey Davis 


   Program Director

Kim is a visionary, leader, and advocate for her community.


Dedicated to giving a voice to the silenced, increasing opportunity for youth to succeed, and passionate about giving hope and encouragement to others, Kim Cantey Davis founded the Don’t Be a Bully Foundation in 2010.


An entrepreneur, actress, playwright, philanthropist, and breast cancer survivor, Kim, born on April 16, 1971, in a rural area of South Carolina adopted her passion and fight for serving others early in life. In large part she credits her advocacy for others to her parents who made it a habit to lend a helping hand to those in need. Her compassion and concern for others grew with her into adulthood and as a mother; Kim’s vision for this organization was triggered after her daughter was bullied in school by not only students but also a teacher. She then realized that the need for education against bullying was a message that students and educators needed to hear. Utilizing her talents as an actress she wrote a play that would change the way children and adults learned about bullying, "Don't Be A Bully, Speak Up! Speak Out!". The success of that program led the organization to seek the input of counselors, psychologists, and educators to give birth to a myriad of workshops, programs, and dialogues that inspires and transforms the lives of youth.


Today, the Don’t Be A Bully foundation, what the team now lovingly calls DBAB, has now expanded into advocacy, youth character education, youth empowerment, and youth violence prevention. With the help of her husband, Terry Davis, she continues to provide vision and creative leadership to decreasing bullying and youth violence within the community. 



Breast Cancer Survivor 2018