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       Symone Gerren   

     Program Director

   Kim Cantey Davis 


   Program Director


   Terry L. Davis 


   Program Director

  Evelyn Zachary

Asst. Stage Director

Board Member 


   Kim Cook 

   Board Member


   Program Director

Michelle Bennet

               Community Outreach Partner

            Atlanta- Fulton Library (10 years)

  Africa Brown

                     Public Relations

          Marketing Director Volunteer (10 years)

  Catrina Scott

                      Non-profit Consultant

        Community Service /Volunteer Coordinator 

The Don't Be A Bully Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Kim Cantey Davis after she experienced bullying first-hand as a parent.  Her daughter was being bullied at school at a young age which spearheaded her passion to collaborate with her daughter to create change. With Symone's education and work experience as a Behavioral Youth Counselor and Kim's invaluable perspective as a mother of a bullying victim, they work together to inspire and transform the lives of youth through bullying and youth violence prevention education. Kim and Symone's passion for both performing arts and for youth advocacy push them to educate and motivate our community to recognize the warning signs of bullying and other threatening behaviors through stage productions, youth workshops, seminars, and dialogue discussions. Their efforts have received national recognition from HLN as they have travelled to reach youth across the nation. Ultimately, their mission is to create bully-free environments for children, families, and communities through their PLEDGE DBAB initiatives and programs! 




Kim Cantey Davis is a Visionary, Motivational speaker, Author, and Youth Advocate for her community. She is also an entrepreneur, actress, playwright, philanthropist, and breast cancer survivor. Kim is dedicated to giving a voice to the silenced, increasing opportunity for youth to succeed, and is passionate about giving hope and encouragement to others through her testimony.  You can find out more about Kim at   

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