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of the DBAB Soldier Pledge

Our goal is to have the DBAB Soldier's Pledge implemented in every school across the world.  Please share with us how our pledge has impacted your child or school.

Parent of Justin Jones
Ms. Larita Brown

Hi my name is LaRita, and my six year old son Justin was a victim of bullying at his school. I found out when he told his Behavior health counselor that a boy was twisting his arm and hitting him at school. I told the teacher the next day and she took care of it for me. I am glad Justin is a DBAB solider, he has learned from the pledge to tell if someone is bullying him. I am glad that he knows what to do now because my daughter who is now 20 yrs told me that she was bully everyday at school when she was in the first and second grade. I asked her why she didn't you tell me. Her response was that she knew I would be upset and she didn't know what I would to the kids who was bullying her. I told her she shouldn't told me or the teacher, but I can't change the past but I can teach her little brother and sister to never be scared to tell if someone is being mean or hurting them. I think we need to recruit DBAB soldiers in all of the school around the world.

Parent-Sheila Ford
Audrey Hughes
Georgia State University
Biology Major, Chemistry Minor
President of American Medical Student Association, GSU Chapt

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for not only the opportunity to contact you personally, but also for opening my eyes to the Don't Be A Bully program yesterday. This cause is near and dear to my heart as I was bullied for years for being overweight when I was younger and it led to years of misery that affect both my physical and mental well being. What was said to me as a child affected my self esteem and it was not until recently that I came into acceptance with myself and what God has blessed me with. It is a simple message, but one that is not pushed enough to our youth. Hence the horrific chain of events that we are seeing with our kids... It touched my heart to see you manifest your words into some greater than what any one person can do alone. I fully support your cause and I am in the works and sharing this message with others starting NOW! I hope to speak and work with you very soon. I will email DBAB separately pertaining to my questions about the show. Thank you, Ms. Symone Cantey.



llGood afternoon! I wanted to share with you and let you know the impact that you and your organization has had in my son's life. You have re-enforced for what actually comes natural to him, which is to look out for others and to ensure that no one gets picked on or hurt. A couple of days ago, I went to Starbucks, and while I was at the drive-through waiting for my coffee, one of the workers approach the drive-through window. Her son was in Troy's first grade class last year. Although they are not in the same second grade homeroom, they see each other on a daily basis in the cafeteria, on the playground, in the halls, etc. The mother wanted to let me know that she had been trying to contact me to let me know and to thank Troy for helping her son at school. Apparently, her son was being picked on by another little boy, Troy happened to see The "incident", and went over to help his friend. She said her son was unable to defend himself, but Troy make sure that the other boy left his friend alone and did not come back to bother him. Troy never told me about this occurrence, so I may not have known if the mother had not said anything. I told Troy that I was very proud of him, and I was happy to know that he took the DBAB pledge very seriously. I know what you're doing is such a positive position. I appreciate you and look forward to working with you when ever we can! Peace and blessings, Sheila

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