OUR MISSION STATEMENT


The Don't Be A Bully Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and transforming the lives of youth through education about   the prevention of bullying and youth violence. Additionally, we also strive to educate parents on recognizing the warning signs of bullying and other issues. We strive to educate and motivate our community through our stage productions, youth workshops, seminars and dialogue discussions. Ultimately, our mission is to have schools become bully-free and PLEDGE DBAB!  Our organization consists of volunteers that are educators, teachers, therapists, performing arts teachers and artists, as well as parents who conducts our DBAB workshops, seminars and stage plays. 


OUR GOAL:   To perform our anti-bullying production in all 159 Georgia County School districts as well as travel nationally. 


“Don’t Be A Bully! Speak Up! Speak Out!”   Is a motivational and educational theatrical production that addresses the epidemic of “bullying” we are now facing in our schools and communities.  Our production focuses on the importance of our youth“SPEAKING UP, and SPEAKING OUT”.   Many of our youth fear SPEAKING UP and reporting bullying because they are too afraid of the consequences of their actions.  However, through this motivational production kids will be encouraged and motivated to “Speak Up and Speak Out! Additionally, we hope to educate the adults involved on their responses and hopefully provide a renewed sense of responsibility to these children.  Through the Don’t Be A Bully! Speak Up! Speak Out! Production we hope to save the lives of students, and promote positive learning experiences for all involved. Through our production youth will also be educated on the many forms of bullying through a power point presentation.This production helps children and teens to seek support from parents, resource officers,teachers,principals and friends to TAKE ACTION! This production encourages youth to Speak Up! and Speak Out! If they are being BULLIED! Our anti-bullying production is an educational program for children n Pre-K through eighth Grade.

In this production the characters of Alex and Alexa are both victims of being bullied at school. They are often teased and called names by the bullies and sometimes their personal belongings are taken from them.  Jasmine and Nicole, classmates of both Alex and Alexa, witness the bullying on several occasions and encourages them both to tell someone. This production will address how bullying has an emotional and psychological impact on both the victim and the perpetrator.  Young audiences will leave this production with tips on not only how to identify but also prevent bullying. This production teaches its audience to not be afraid and to Speak Up and Speak Out! Most importantly this production teaches the victims and the bullies the importance of having respect for themselves and others!