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We are dedicated to inspiring and transforming the lives of youth through education about  the prevention of bullying and youth violence. We strive to educate and EMPOWER our community through our youth stage productions,  anti-bullying programs, workshops, special events, and dialogue discussions. Ultimately, our mission is to have schools become bully-free and PLEDGE DBAB!

I pledge Don't Be A Bully! 


El Dorado, AR Annual Youth Empowerment

        Don't Be A Bully

                     SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT

                    IF YOU ARE BEING BULLIED

“Don’t Be A Bully! Speak Up! Speak Out!”   Is a motivational and educational theatrical production that addresses the epidemic of “bullying” we are now facing in our schools and communities. Youth are educated about bullying through dialogue, dance, song and crowd participation.  Our production focuses on the importance of our youth“SPEAKING UP, and SPEAKING OUT”.   Many of our youth fear SPEAKING UP and reporting bullying because they are too afraid of the consequences of their actions.  However, through this motivational production kids will be encouraged and motivated to “Speak Up and Speak Out! against bullying. Through the Don’t Be A Bully! Speak Up! Speak Out! Production we hope to save the lives of students, and promote positive learning experiences for all involved.



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Each day 160,000 students stay home or skip school because they are afraid of being bullied.

43% kids have been bullied while online and 1 out of 5 kids admits to being a bully or doing some bullying.(Facts: bullyingstatistics.com).

According to facts from bullyingstatistics.org children being bullied may feel scared, vulnerable and alone because the bully is much bigger or stronger and they are afraid to tell someone. 

It’s reported that most children and teens never speak up about their bullying situation (or incident) because they don’t want to be known as a snitch at school.