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              Don't Be A Bully! Speak Up! Speak Out!

Symone Cantey

           Cast Director

Eamonn Vickless

Eamonn Vickless had his first audition at age 2 1/2  for the Soap Opera One Life to live.  Even at such a young age he loved being in front of the camera, and loved entertaining .  At the age of 6, he discovered his love for all that was theatre in productions at the Canton theatre, followed by performances at Towne Lake Arts Center.  By this time he was ready eager to explore the world of film.  At age 8, he began Scene and Monologue study, and later gained representation with CTK in the Southeast and MMG in New York.  Now at age 14, he is excited to be working under the direction of Ms. Kim Cantey Davis, and looks forward to assisting in bringing this powerful message to his peers, in his portrayal of the character, Alex and Darius.

Ziggy the RockStar, is rocking the streets of Atlanta and leaving a green streak behind.   Xavier Shelton aka Ziggy the RockStar of Dem Shelton Boyz began his career in the music and film industry in the winter of 2008.  His unique style of music, a combination of Pop, Hip Hop & Rock-n-Roll is greatly influenced by the great legendary band U2, Jimi Hendrix and current icons Black Eyes Peas. With guidance from GX Productions, Neoge Music and Organized Noize, Ziggy is well equipped for his musical journey.  Ziggy also have his own label for the youth called 7Records South. With a hilarious kid’s sitcom in the making, Rock Stars in the House. You can see him throughout the city in concerts, local stage plays, fashion shows, musicals and on the big screen in major motion movies. Ziggy is one of the founders of Dreams…..A Kids Journey Foundation.  This foundation is for kids ages 5-16 that have dreams of becoming entertainers.  Dreams…..A Kids Journey Foundation allows them to network with other kid and adult professionals and develop business management skills, obtain proper performing arts training, and most importantly fulfill their dreams in the Arts & Entertainment Industry.  The Dream Big Tour is currently in progress featuring Ziggy, delivering inspirational speeches, rocking performances, Q & A sessions, and autograph signings.  Ziggy has a deep passion for the Arts & Entertainment Industry which makes this journey exciting and rewarding to him. Xavier Shelton aka Ziggy plays the role of Boy Bully 1

Symone Cantey is a graduate from Georgia State University with a major in Psychology.  She is an inspiring actress who is SAG Eligible and has been featured in several theatricals, films and TV productions.  Some of her TV/Film credits are: Meet the Browns, Mean Girls 2, HBO TV Series- East Bound and Down, MBC Network-Lisa Knight & The Roundtable. Theatrical credits are: ‘Night Mother, High School Musical, As You Like It, Voices of Color, Blue and many more. Symone loves working with children and currently works for Atlanta Learning Rx Brain Training Center in Buckhead where she train children to overcome life-long learning difficulties. Symone plans to further her education by gettings her masters in Child Psychology. Symone is also one of the board of directors for Don't Be A Bully Foundation Inc. and is the daughter of the Founder and producer of Don't Be A Bully! Speak Up! Speak Out!


Ziggy the Rockstar
Akoria Davis
Melody Gabrielle McNeil

A’koria Davis is 14 years old.  Akoria is in the 9th grade and attends McChearan High School.   Akoria has maintained straight A’s ,and very few B’s since Kindergarten and tested for the gifted program when she was in the 1st grade. Akoria is currently still in the gifted program. Her favorite subject in school is math. Akoria is happy to be apart of the bully production because she has dealt with school bullying herself and wants to encourage other children her age to speak up if they are being bullied.  Outside of acting, A’koria enjoys playing softball, cheerleading, and riding her motorcycle with her father. Akoria goals are to attend Yale , Harvard or Stanford when she graduates. Akoria plays the role of Lil Dora and is also apart of the DBAB Step Team.


​ Melody is a girl full of God’s joy. She is passionate about singing and music and seems to never stop smiling. She enjoys the performing arts and has a dream to be a positive role model to those younger than herself as well as her peers. She would like to pursue television, film, theatre, print and all media forms. She has always loved the camera and the stage. She has a strong academic standing. She seeks to demonstrate God’s love and positively influence the current and next generations.

Meredith McNeil
Derrick Nealy


Ever dreamed of being a famous actor and making others laugh?  Derrick Nealy is fulfilling that dream.  He began his journey during 1998 while still in pampers. Derrick Nealy is reaching for the stars and has realized his future dreams. Derrick Nealy was born on March 26, 1998 in Atlanta, GA. He has shown a strong interest in acting, dancing and singing since birth.  His parents  always  encourage those interests.  That encouragement has driven him to excel.  No obstacle has been too great for Derrick Nealy to overcome! He is currently in the 9th grade at Lithia Springs High Middle School.  He has been a member of the Beta Club since 5th grade.  He has played the  Trumpet in the school band for 4 years.  He has had several roles in commercials, print jobs, plays, and several community activities.  He has performed for churches and schools for over 3 years. Today Derrick encourages other young people.  His life examples will teach us to follow our dreams no matter big or small.      


Meredith McNeill has a passion for the performing arts! She is pursuing her dream to be a positive and entertaining influence through television, film, theatre, print and all types of media. She has always been drawn to the stage and camera and has several years of experience. She has a strong academic background as well maintaining an A average. She is an avid volunteer and enjoys showing God’s love in all she does. Meredith is a home-schooled student and plays the role of Nicole.

Gloria Umanah
Lily Moore
Gloria Umanah is Amazing, optimistic, humorous, talented, observant, outspoken, and athletic are words to describe Gloria Umanah. Gloria Umanah is a very unique brand, unlike the typical teenagers; Gloria is a mindset of go-getting! Once she can see what she anticipates, she’s going for the gold and nothing less than the gold. Gloria often says” I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Gloria often looks out for others whether it being her family, friends, or even someone she doesn’t know. She is always there to give a reassuring word.  Gloria graduated from Marietta High School with a GPA of 3.7 and was part of the International Baccalaureate Program. Gloria has always had a passion for God and through that passion, the talent of acting came forth. Gloria has now been acting for about five and a half years, and is currently signed with Just Borne Mega Entertainment Agency. Gloria plays the role of Girl bully 2.


Lily started acting several years ago. She is excited to be part of the DBAB cast and as the role of Dana.  She has performed in several plays, commercials , short films, and has recently been cast to star in an upcoming television series called "LIAR".  Lily  is a lovely, hard working, vivacious , funny young lady who loves  her family, friends, and Jesus. She enjoys horseback riding, swimming, cheerleading, hanging out with her friends,and is  active in school by being part of the Safety Patrol. She is also active in the  community by helping with a local  food ministry called ISERVE!  Lily is very passionate about her acting and her family loves helping her follow her dream!!  


Myriyah Wells

​Myriyah Wells is a 14 year old honor student with a great sense of humor; her favorite subject is math.  In addition to her profound love for acting, she enjoys shopping, modeling, singing, cooking, and reading.  She has participated in commercials, film, voiceover, theatre, and runway. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and working in the nursery at church. She portrays Ariana in DBAB.

Brandi Nicole

     Evelyn Zachary

 Role of the Teacher


Brandi Nicole is a 16 year old Pop/R&B entertainer.  She is an aspiring quadruple threat:  actress, dancer, model and singer.  She wanted to become a singer after hearing the song “No Air” with Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown.  She has been training in acting, dance, vocals and taken various workshops in order to strengthen her talents.  Brandi Nicole has gone on lots of auditions and has performed in several showcases for acting, singing and dancing and she loves to be on stage.  She has booked several small spots in short films, featured films and a teen talk show.  So, booking a spot in D.B.A.B. is really exciting!!

In August 2013, she had her first vocal audition ever and it happened to be with PMW Live.  We got a call a few days later saying they wanted to work with her, and that started her path in a singing career.  Brandi Nicole has released her first original single “Ask Me To Dance” in August 2014 along with a music video.   She can’t wait to see where this path leads….and to get back in the studio to release more songs.  So stay tuned….and join us on this interesting journey! 

Evelyn Zackery is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where she began her passage into acting and singing at an early age in the local schools and church. She is a member of Total Grace Christian Center in Decatur, GA. Evelyn Musical Credits are:  Singing background for the acclaimed artist Tracey Edwards formerly of the jazz group Pieces of a Dream, Freddie Britt, Russell Williams, CAM, Local Band, The Groove Project ,Voices of Atlanta and many others.  Theatrical Credits are:  Touring Gospel Plays “Love Don’t Live Here”, “OH Lord, Why me?”  “Dream Girls”, “The Journey”, “The King of Glory” and “Man of the House”.  TV/FILM Credits are: “Christian Variety Show” as the hysterical character “Hymnal Johnson” the vocal coach, “Drum Line” and “Little Nicky”.  Evelyn’s approach and love for singing was planted by God, nurtured by her mother and cultivated by such people as Mahalia Jackson, Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams, Aretha Franklin, Phyllis Hyman, Anita Baker, and many, many more. Evelyn would like to thank God, family and her church for their support, kindness and love. Evelyn plays the role of the teacher, Ms. Johnson as well as she assist with directing.

Kaitlyn Gainer

Kailyn Gainer has always been known for having an energetic, inspiring, and bubbling personality. Her first acting role came at the early age of 7 when she was cast as Amy Thatcher in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In late 2011, she started training in the areas of acting, singing, and modeling as she began her journey to pursue work in the entertainment industry. In March 2012 at the age of 11, she was cast as a Narrator in Beauty and the Beast with her local county. She was one of the only eight elementary students to receive a speaking role. Her love for musical theatre continues to grow as she aspires to perform one day on Broadway. Along with her acting, singing and dance training, she continues to be an active member of the New Oil Dance Team and the Elite Scholars Drama Club. Her hobbies include swimming, roller skating, biking, shopping, and meeting new people. Kailyn’s desire is to bring happiness, excitement, and inspiration to others by sharing her gifts and talents!

Evan Wells

​​Evan Wells is an 11 year old honor student; his favorite subject is science. He is witty and has a great personality.  He enjoys acting, football, basketball, track, playing the guitar, and playing games on his Ipod.  He has participated in print work, voiceover, film, commercials, and theatre.  Recently he played Travis in “A Raisin in the Sun” at 14th Street Playhouse. He enjoys learning new skills, spending time with his family and friends, and participating in youth activities at church. He portrays Alex in DBAB.

Leiah Moffett

​​Leiah is a 15 year old upcoming sophomore at Etowah High School in Woodstock, Ga. Leiah has had a love for singing since age 4. She has been in a myriad of plays from "Speak I'm Listening (2006)" to "Pajama Party (2013)" in which she has had solos. Leiah played the role of 'Aunt Emm' in "The Wiz (October 2012)", which was featured at 7th Street Playhouse in Atlanta, Ga. She also played the role of 'Lizzie' in the stage play "Shades of Black, Spades of Black (February 2013)".She sings in Pleasant Grove MBC Young Adult Choir and the PGMBC Youth Mass Choir. She is also a member of the dance ministry Essence Of Praise at PGMBC. Leiah aspires to be professional singer.






Briana Bal

From early childhood Brianna Bal had dreams of being a model and actress.  In January 2007 at the age of 7 years old she started attending AGI Performing Arts School (“AGI”).  While attending AGI she has had the opportunity to work with many talented and gifted coaches.  AGI has offered her professional training in acting, singing, dance and improve skills.

Her new found confidence and talent while attending AGI allowed her to snag starring roles in school plays.  In 2008 she played the role of Star Fish in the school play “Go Fish”.  In 2009 she played the role of Ice Princes in the school play “The Legend of Polar Mountain”.

In 2009 she was featured in a print ad for Atlanta Parent Magazine; she was an extra in the Tyler Perry Movie "I Can Do Bad All by Myself"; she was in a commercial for Meadows Regional Medical Center of Augusta, Georgia; and was featured in several black Friday print ads and website for The Home Depot.  In 2011 Brianna was featured in a Web Video for American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. "ASHRAE" (GA Aquarium Web Video for Discover Engineering website). In addition to modeling and acting Brianna enjoys Hip-Hop Dancing, Singing, Swimming, Reading, Horseback riding, Creative Artwork, Piano, Writing and Playing with her younger sisters.




Chance Mizell

Chance Mizelle plays the role of Alex, the boy being bullied.

Madison Alsbrook
Asia Jenkins

Madison Alsobrook plays the role of Dana aka Lil Dora. Madison Alsobrook is a 7-year old Print/Runway Model, Actress and Dancer.  Over the past 18 months, Madison has participated as a runway model in over thirty fashion shows throughout Atlanta and has been featured in multiple magazines and websites.  She is also passionate about acting, dancing and Girl Scouts.  Madison is honored and excited about being cast as a member of the DBAB 2014-15 Stage Production.

Asia Jenkins is 14 years old and is in the 8th grade. Asia plays the role of  Dana, the girl being bullied.

Tasha Cooper
Kim Cantey Davis

Tasha Cooper plays the role of Girl Bully 1.

Imani Alsobrook

Kim Cantey Davis is a native of Paxville, South Carolina and relocated to Atlanta to build her platform as an industry entertainment professional. Kim attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and studied Music Business. She is talented in many areas and recognized by many as an actress, vocalist, playwright, photographer, director and producer.           Although Kim has a love for performing arts, she is most passionate about educating youth and the community about the prevention of bullying because of her own personal experience as a parent. She says:  “I was inspired to write the stage play, “Don’t Be A Bully! Speak Up! Speak Out!” after my daughter, Symone, experienced bullying.” Kim believes that no child should be bullied in any way and as adults, we must take             responsibility of our actions and be better role models for our children.  Kim loves working with youth and orchestrating special events that support families and youth in the community. She and her family are advocates against bullying and work together within the production. She gives credit to her husband and daughter for supporting her vision and for being a part of the movement to “Stop Bullying”.  Kim’s daughter,         Symone, who experienced bullying  as a child, is currently the director of the production. Symone is now a graduate of GA State University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a minor in Theater


Kim’s Credits:   “Madea goes to Jail”,  “Just Be A Man About it”, “Can a Woman Make a Man Loose His Mind”, “If you Really Love Me”, “The Journey” “I thought you knew”.   Have shared the stage as well as worked with celebrities such Dave Hollister, Montell Jordan, Regina Belle, Kiesha Knight-Pulliam, R&B   Singer-Cherrelle, Carl Payne, Palmer Williams,  Dottie Peoples, Desmond Pringle, Jackie Clark, Terri Vaughn, Cas Sigers, Tony Terry and Nevaina Rhodes.


Proven Track Record: Producer, Director, Playwright, Actress, Vocalist, Photographer (AYF Agency, ShawnDaja Modeling & Talent Agency), Talent Agent, Professional BG Vocalist (Stellar Award Winner, Dottie Peoples), Barbizon School,          Children/Teen Acting Coach (AYF Talent Agency). 


Imani Alsobrook plays the role of Alexa, the girl being bullied.

 Imani Alsobrook is a seventh grade Fashion Designer, Actress, Writer and Philanthropist.  In 2012, Imani founded her own clothing company for tweens and teens called Peachie Pi –  Her clothing line has been featured in dozens of fashion shows throughout the Southeast.   Imani also loves acting and producing her own dramatic skits on Youtube. She is also a Girl Scout, Beta Club Member and active participant in her church community.  Imani is proud to be part of the DBAB 2014-15 Stage Production.  She is looking forward to sharing her experiences as someone who was previously bullied.